Roman Achkar IBDP Certified Chemistry Teacher Certificate, Masters

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Hello I am an IBDP certified chemistry teacher with 10 year of experience in classroom teaching and 1 year in online teaching.
I hold a masters degree in research in food chemistry from Universitee St Joseph Facultee des Sciences
I believe that the best way to tutor a student is to make the session enjoyable, funny and interesting.
I will be using virtual simulations to replace chemistry and physics labs.
If you are up to it I can guide you through lab sessions that you can do yourself at home using safe kitchen ingredients and materials.

About Me

The best way for you to know more about me is to watch me explaining a chemistry concept.

Here is a link to a sample vdeo of me explaining the chemistry concept of the "yield of a reaction" with a home laboratory session that you can repeat your self:


I am currently tutoring students worldwide through Zoom and Microsoft Teams,

I teach any Chemistry our Physics course including  IBDP, GCSE, AP and Bac Francais.


Primary GCSE Degree
Chemistry - - £25
Chemistry £15 - -
Chemistry - £25 -


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  • Certificate - IBDP Chemistry Teacher Verified

    Qualified and trained to teach the IBDP chemistry curriculum.

  • Masters - Chemistry Verified

    I hold Masters degree in research in food chemistry, I have also completed my Bachelor degree in pure chemistry.