Rushan Medical Student Tutoring GCSE Sciences. Bachelors, Masters, Bachelors

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  • DBS Checked

My Experience:

I have tutored GCSE students before through other tutoring companies using this method and helped higher level IB students with their projects and extended essays. I also hold a current Enhanced DBS Certificate which I keep on file due to my previous work with Children and Teenagers in a mental health setting and my current studies as a medical student.


My Qualifications:

After obtaining my International Baccalaureate Diploma in St John’s Marlborough, I went on to study a BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Queen Mary University London (a Russel Group University). After this I studied an MSc in Intellectual Property law which qualified me to be a part qualified Patent and Trademark Attorney, although I chose not to practice. I then decided to switch gears follow a dream I had to study Medicine, so I applied to the highly competitive Graduate Entry Medicine program at Nottingham University and was accepted to start in 2020.


My Attitude:

I take a very friendly approach to learning. While I try to keep my students focused to maximise our time together, I aim to be engaging, inspiring and non-threatening!  I understand that students often find individual teaching intense, so I try to diffuse this as much as possible.


I use a tutoring curriculum that is designed to line up with requirements from AQA. I use an active learning approach to prepare the student to think critically and to be able to work through problems themselves from day one. I will be using questions and problem solving activities to build up the students confidence and getting them to engage with the material. This is the key to successfully applying knowledge and is what really allows them to shine during the exam.


The first session I have with the student will be diagnostic session designed to gauge where the student is in their knowledge and confidence. This is a crucial step to make sure we focus on the areas that need attention, therefore maximising the yield of our sessions.


I teach exclusively online using a webcam and a digital whiteboard. I will provide material for student to use during the session so it would be best of you had access to a printer, however it isn’t necessary as long as the student has pen and paper. I do have homework that I set, however this shouldn’t take more than 20 mins to complete, however I can avoid this step if requested.


Physics £25
Biology £25
Chemistry £25


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  • Bachelors - Medicine (Graduate Entry) Student

    Currently studying Medicine and Surgery.

  • Masters - Management of Intellectual Property Verified

    Training in Patent and Trademark Law. I am a part-qualifed attorney, but chose not to practice.

  • Bachelors - Pharmaceutical Chemistry Verified

    Graduated with Honours. Advanced training in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry.