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I'm Saarah and I am currently completing my PGCE in secondary English in order to become a qualified English teacher. 

I am passionate about teaching English because I see its relevance in the world today. English literature is powerful in engaging readers with different experiences and cultures and in doing so it broadens our perception of the world. English language is vital in a world that is increasingly becoming digitised and English as a language is transforming and adapting faster than ever. The subject requires you to develop brilliant analytical skills, confident oral communication as well as the ability to form a clear and convincing argument. Experiencing an excellent quality of English teaching at GCSE and A-level propels students confidently into a competitive world as strong individuals.

I will help my students to improve by getting to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Through this I will focus my lessons on the key areas where the students need the most support. I will encourage them by setting clear targets which will allow them to see how they are progressing towards their goals as well as ensuring that they are aware of the good qualities of their work that need to be embraced. Giving good, constructive feedback lets the student develop with a determined and positive attitude.

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  • English literature and language tutor
  • BA (Hons) English Literature
  • PGCE Secondary English


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  • Bachelors - English Literature Verified

    On this varied and wide-ranging course you’ll encounter the rich diversity of texts, concepts and themes within English Literature. From novels to poetry, drama to non-fiction you'll undertake in-depth textual study, gaining advanced skills in interpretation, critical analysis and reasoning. You'll also explore the historical, social and cultural contexts of the texts you study. You'll trace the development of English Literature though time, exploring changes in narrative techniques and discursive practices used by writers. You could study literature from Old English to contemporary and postcolonial narratives, from Jane Austen and Shakespeare to African literature and world theatre. Medieval romances, Renaissance humanism, Romantic poetry and the digital humanities are just some of the specialist areas in the variety we offer. This flexible degree offers you broad knowledge of literature in English and allows you to specialise in topics that interest you – all while you develop transferable skills that employers seek.