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Hello Everyone, 

I'm Samia and I'm a new Tutor here. I studied Electronic & Electrical Engineering and achieved an integrated Masters degree from the University of Leeds. I am currently a PhD researcher and therefore will only be available to tutor three times a week.



I will be tutoring Arabic, General Science, Maths, Engineering Maths and Electronics. Arabic is my second language and thus I'll hopefully be able to tutor you for your GCSE Exam. I will be tutoring general science for primary school level and KS3. As for Maths, I will be happy to tutor primary, KS3, GCSE and A-level Maths (pure Maths). I can tutor Engineering Maths and Electronics (please contact me regarding this so I can let you know if I can assist you).

I would appreciate it if you can contact me before making any bookings to discuss what kind of help you require and if I will be able to help you out with it. 


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree
Electronics - - £30 - £30
Maths £25 £25 £25 £25 -
Engineering Maths - - £35 - £35
General Science £15 £15 - - -
Arabic £15 £15 £15 - -


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
Monday - - -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday - - - -
Friday - - - -
Saturday - -
Sunday - - - -


  • Masters - Electronic and Electrical Engineering Verification Requested

    Graduated with an integrated masters in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.