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Hi there! I'm Saskia and I am a 19 year old University student. Outside of studying I enjoy listening to music, writing and playing netball!

About Me

As an avid learner, I am always looking for new ways to develop and tutoring others is one of those ways. After selling my notes for around four months and finding great success in that, I decided to venture out into tutoring too as I have always been passionate about supporting others with their education, especially in areas that I am passionate about, such as Biology. During the IB course, I also carried out my own experiment on plant transpiration in the xylem which was then written up into a report which awarded me 20% of my final grade at a 7 (A*).

I have always had a flair for teaching others which is why in sixth-form I began informally tutoring my peers in Biology and Psychology in order to support their growth in the subject. I did this using my own notes which were vastly popular with my peers, as well as being popular online when for sale, and I would ensure that I asked each student exactly what they wanted to gain from the lesson, not allowing myself to feel satisfied until they had gained the desired knowledge. One way I liked to check their learning was by asking short, simple questions during the lessons in order to assess their knowledge and further plan my lessons.

At university I am studying a BSc in Psychology which I am thoroughly enjoying. Outside of this, I am a keen member of two netball clubs, several book clubs and the Mind Society.


GCSE: English Lit, English Lang, Biology, Psychology

A Level/IB: Biology, Psychology


A-Level GCSE Other
English Literature - £12 -
Psychology £15 - £15
Biology - £12 -
Health and Social Care - - £12
Biology £15 - £15


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