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My name is Serap O'Hara and I recently graduated with a 1st BSc (Hons) Psychology degree from Kingston University. After struggling during A-levels and not getting the grades I wanted, I persevered and developed through my university degree to focus on self-improvement, understanding how I was studying wrong, and how I needed to change and improve the way I studied. I ended up doing so enough to be able to graduate with a 1st! I hope to inspire students to be passionate about their studies and help them find the best methods to understand and retain information to boost their grades.

University allowed me to develop my abilities in research analysis and academic writing, and during my A-levels I participated in a mentorship scheme to tutor younger year groups who were struggling with Mathematics and English, giving me experience in one-on-one mentoring in a compassionate and organised way.


I am happy to provide any mentoring and tutoring assistance you need with Psychology at GCSE, A-Level, or undergraduate degree levels.

As I have some mentoring experience with supporting Year 7s and 8s struggling with English and Mathematics, I am also happy to consider tutoring for KS3 English and Mathematics, as well as English GCSEs.

I am available any day of the week at most times.


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Psychology - - - £18
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Psychology - £12 £12 -


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    Year 1 Modules: Foundations of Psychology; Historical and Philosophical Concepts in Psychology; Research Methods; and Social Selves. Year 2 Modules: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition; Mental Health and Brain Function; Research Methods; and Social, Individual and Developmental Psychology. Year 3 Modules: Developmental Psychology; Forensic Psychology; Research Project; and Psychotherapeutic Psychology and Mental Health. 3rd Year Dissertation Project: I conducted a novel study on whether infants are born with or develop a form of trust based on morals, titled "Rudimentary evaluation-dependent trust".