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Outstanding Results From the Very first Session A Level Chemistry...

I feel privileged and humbled to work with a nation's most valuable resource-its human potential.
As a result, I leave ' no leaf unturned ' in persuing excellence for my tutees.

I have over twenty years tutoring experience in GCSE Science and A level Chemistry since gaining my PGCE and QTS from the internationally recognised University of London (Institute of Education). Since my qualification I have updated by pedological knowledge to ensure my teaching reflect best practice from cognitive science.

My style of teaching is designed to fresh, innovative. I challane students to reach their full potential in an enviroment that is positive, encouraging and fun.

I believe the best advertisment for my tuition services is word of mouth. As I am very new to TutorDirect, I leave a link to my student feedback from an established and repuatable website called FirstTutors.

From the very first session I want my tutees to achieve a level of performance that would leave them saying,"WOW! I remember and understand all of this in one session".
It is very important that students acknowledge this substantial improvement in the learning as this is very motivating and make them feel confident that their time and money investmented is worth it.

So what does a typical session involve?
At the start of the session, the student is presented with seven to ten exam standard question that reflects the concept to be covered. They are asked to rank the question interms of their percieved difficult (easy, medium and challanging). They will then be given the opportunity to provide summary answers to one question from each category. This stage takes around ten minutes max.
The purpose of this task is twofold.
I get valuable information as to how to adapt the lesson to reflect students prior knowledge and not waste time.
Secondly, they will be able to see value added from the session, because they are returned to the questions and asked to ANSWER ALL.
A typical session will last at least seventy-five minutes, but occassionally take up to ninety minutes. The service is not about quantity and fees, its about quality and success.To this end, I only charge a single session fee.

I recognise the importance of developing learning and exam strategies. Students are encouraged to reflect on this aspect with regard to memory and understanding.

I hope I have provided you with sufficient information to make and informed decision and would like to thank you for the time you have taken. 





I ONLY teach A Level chemistry and I highly skilled in making this subject easy for students to do very well. From the very first session, students are amazed at their achievement. 



Chemistry £20


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