Simon Masters, Bachelors

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Currently, a PhD student at the University of Warwick. A member of Analytical Science Centre for Doctoral Training since September 2019. An alumnus of Coventry University and Chemical Vocational school no 3 in Cracow. The main research interest in the application of a broad spectrum of advanced analytical methods for R&D in the field of Energy Materials, especially Photovoltaics. 


I am able to teach Chemistry in efficient and motivating way. 

My experience includes delivering presentations, lectures, seminars and workshops to the university students and tutoring A-levels students.


A-Level GCSE
Chemistry £15 £15


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  • Masters - Molecular Analytical Science Not Verified

    Modules covered in this course include: Introduction to Chemistry and Biochemistry, Techniques in quantitative and qualitative analysis, Frontier techniques in analytical science, Microscopy and imaging, Statistics for data analysis,Chromatography and Separation Science, Electrochemistry and Sensors, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Mass Spectrometry MSc Project titles: Ultra-thin metal film sensors Supervised by Dr Ross Hatton Light and elevated temperature induced degradation in gallium doped silicon solar cells Supervised by Dr John Murphy

  • Bachelors - Analytical Chemistry and Forensic Science Not Verified

    Modules covered in the course: 1st year: Introduction to Molecular Science, Introduction to Forensic Science, Introduction to analysis, Biology for Chemists, Skills in biomolecular sciences 1 & 2, Absolute beginners' french 2nd year: Analytical sciences in industry, Princiles of analytical techniques, Principles of forensic science, Biomolecular analysis, Contemporary skills in biomolecular sciences 1 & 2, Post beginners' french 3rd year: Instrumentation and Advanced Techniques in Analysis, Case Studies in Analysis, Research Design for the Biomolecular Sciences, Forensic Identification, Advanced Forensic Science, Data Analysis Using SPSS, Independent Project In Biomolecular Science. Final Project: Sonoactivated persulfate assisted degradation of low concentrations Tetracyclines in water matrices. - supervised by Dr Larysa Paniwnyk