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I have been teaching Science for about 10 years now and taken on many roles within Science such as head of department and head of years. But decided I enjoy the classroom and learning environment more so I'm focussed more on becoming an even greater teacher.

I hold a BSc in Science degree I also hold a PGCE in Science and QTLs in Education(I also offer online tutoring).

I teach all three Science from Key Stage 3  up to  GCSE  as well as A  level Chemistry.

I still take on responsibilities within the department and continue to train and research into education to ensure that I'm up to date with education as a whole. 

I have a range of experience and knowledge which enables me to tailor the tutioning sessions to the needs of the student. This seems to have a much greater impact on progress and achievements. I do like to give parents/ guardians a update on each session and inform them of areas their child should focus on.

About Me

I am a qualified Science teacher with 10 years of teaching experience and 15 years of tutoring experience.  I hold a BSc in Science and I also hold a PGCE in Science and QTLs in Education(I also offer online tutoring).

I teach different levels ranging from key stage 3 up to GCSE as well as A level Chemistry. I offer both Online and face to face tutoring. 

Each of the three Sciences focus on a range of skills and I am able to focus on these areas  as well as break them down. This results to students finding the subject a lot easier making them progress and do better in the subject. I have helped many pupils and students get better and succeed in their exams. All students I have worked with have managed to either achieve their target grade or above. 

The approach I take to tutoring is assessing the student with skill based and subject based questioning. This enables me to identify areas that the student needs to focus on. The sessions are then developed to help tackle the areas that need improving and the student is then able to achieve in the subject.


Online tutoring for :

Key Stage 3 Biology, Chemisty and Physics  
GCSE Combine Science

GCSE Biology

GCSE Chemistry

GCSE Physics 


Physics - £35
Chemistry - £35
Biology - £35
Physics £25 -
Chemistry £25 -
Biology £25 -


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