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I teach English as a foreign language and I am a certified teacher on the website Preply. 

I also help with homework in the humanities subjects, e.g. English Literature, English Language, History, having gained an A* in History and an A in English Literature at GCSE level at school.

About Me

I am passionate about language learning and have taught myself French to an intermediate level. I love reading and in particular classic literature, having gained an A grade in English Literature at GCSE level. I am a positive individual who loves a new challenge; in fact I have competed at the World Championships for Irish Dancing three times and have been on tour twice. This has resulted in me teaching many classes there too. I aim to make my lessons exciting and will use many different materials, including text, images and video to make our lessons as interesting as possible. I sincerely hope to see you soon!


My teaching method for English as a foreign language is very conversational. I encourage the student to speak as much as they can as I think this is the best way to learn. If they need help with grammar I help with grammar and I introduce new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions for them to make their English language wholesome and richer.

When helping with humanity subjects I encourage strong communication between myself and the student. It is important that we see eye to eye so we can best answer the questions together and for the student to reach their full potential. I also encourage organisation as it takes more than just looking at an essay question to answer it. What other resources can we use? What is the syllabus like? 


GCSE A-Level Other
English - £10 -
History £10 - -
English £10 - -
ESOL - - £10
English Literature £10 - -


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