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Hello! It's Vera.
I am available to help current GCSE students achieve their goals for their exams or teacher assessments/personal understanding. With nationwide lockdowns in the UK disrupting face-to-face lectures, I believe a little bit of extra tuition will help support those affected.
I, as of yet, have no methodology that I follow in lessons. However, I plan to first get to know students and ask them about where they find gaps in their knowledge and understanding. This would help me build an idea of where they are struggling and the methods of learning that allow them to thrive and then we can move on from there. 
The following lessons may then take the form of talking through practice exam questions, perhaps going over content covered in lesson again and trying to find a personal way of understanding a concept so that students can better remember it. For GCSE's in languages, or foreign students wishing to learn English or Dutch, there will also be essential speaking practice sessions- although the amount can be adjusted to the needs of the student. I stress, the nature of the lessons will be tailored to the student: I want you to be enthusiastic to learn, therefore we will try to find a method of learning that is interactive and that you find fun.
With the current social restrictions in place, all learning will be online.
I have no formal teaching experience and that is reflected in my price but I hope that this website will help me develop as a tutor and I believe I can still give good quality instruction.
Hope to hear from you soon!

About Me

I am currently on a gap year after having gained 42 points on the International Baccalaureate (IB) and and A* in A level Maths in 2020. I am a people-person who enjoys helping others. Personally, I really enjoyed my GCSE's and achieved 9 9's, 2 8's, an A* in Dutch and an A** in Further Maths.

I also really enjoy sports and outdoor activities from hockey and climing to surfing and swimming.

The travel plans aren't quite going as desired (understandably), so I thought I could make use of my time helping students who are having to adjust to a new mix of teaching methods (online and face-to-face).


I can support students takings GCSE's in:

  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Spanish
  • Biology

I can also teach Dutch and English.


A-Level GCSE Adult
English - - £10
Spanish - £10 -
Maths - £10 -
Physics - £10 -
Chemistry £10 £10 -


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening


  • Other - International Baccalaureate Not Verified

    I completed my IB diploma last year. I studied higher level Chemistry, Physics and Spanish with standard level Maths, English and Environmental Studies alongside an A level in Maths. I completed it with 42 points: with a 7 (1-7 grading system) in Chemistry, Physics, Maths and English. I also achieved an A* in A level Maths. Next year, after this gap year, I hope to start studying Chemical Physics/ Physics and Chemistry in Edinburgh or Maastricht (The Netherlands).