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I’ve tutored Drama, English and History since 2013. Since graduating from UCL with a 1st class undergraduate degree in Archaeology in 2012, I’ve worked in several academic and pastoral student support positions in higher education. I completed an MA in Text and Performance at RADA with distinction in September 2019 and I have since taught drama and theatre at university level.

I’ve studied enough to know full well that it can be boring at times. It can be frustrating when things don’t ‘click’ or worse, damaging to a student’s self-esteem. From my own academic career and experience working in education, I’ve come to understand that we all have different approaches to learning. No two students are alike. In my opinion, the key to academic success is helping students find their own unique style of learning.

For this reason, I approach each student as an individual, and will work one-to-one to develop unique learning strategies. I always bring a healthy amount of enthusiasm to my tutoring sessions in the hope of inspiring my students, however my real aim is to help them find their own individual method of learning.

In my experience, once students have a good grasp of their individual approach to learning, they’re able to make the subject ‘their own’ and achieve their best possible results. This highly transferable skill will apply not only to current schoolwork and exam preparation, but will also act as a solid preparation for university and beyond.


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult Professional
Acting £50 £50 £50 £50 £50 £50 £50
Writing £40 £40 £40 £40 - £40 £40
History £40 £40 £40 £40 - - -
Drama £50 £50 £50 £50 £50 £50 £50
English £40 £40 £40 £40 - £40 -


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  • Masters - Text and Performance, Distinction Not Verified

  • Bachelors - Archaeology, 1st Class Verified