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I am Vind. I got a PhD in Chemistry and currently working as a lecturer in a University. I got a PGCE in Chemistry. I am passionate about science and chemistry and teaching. I got experience teaching both undergraduate and school level.
I got a MSC in Chemistry from Kings College London and got 'A*' for A/L Chemistry.
My extensive subject knowledge in chemistry and Science makes me a good teacher in the subject area. I got secondary school teaching experience teaching AS, A2 and GCSE  Chemistry.

About Me

I got more than 16 years experience of teaching postgraduates, undergraduates and school level. I got experience teaching A/L, AS Level, GCSE chemistry and science. I have obtained a vast range of teaching experience, which includes teaching individuals of all levels, from secondary school pupils to PhD students. Details of my teaching experience so far in my career are listed below. 

Lecturer- University - Current (2012-date)

Part Time Personal Tutor- (2001-date)

A/L, A2, AS level Chemistry, GCSE Chemistry and Science
Year 11, 10, 8, 7 ,6 Science 


I am a patient, friendly and successful tutor specializing in chemistry at GCSE and A-level and university level. I have an interactive teaching style, this includes the use of questions, visual aids, such as diagrams via power point presentations. Additionally, I believe in making good use of all resources not only notes but also question based learning. 
Engaging with students, I ensure that I am interacting with the students and continually assessing/reviewing their progress and providing feedback to them and guide them to get higher grades. Provide home work and exam papers and help and guide for them with out additional cost.


GCSE A-Level Degree
Chemistry - - £35
Chemistry £20 - -
Chemistry - £30 -


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