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Hello. I am a Biology tutor, with 4 years of past tutoring experience. I have previously tutored Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics GCSE students (all of whom recieved grades 7s, 8s and 9s), as well as tutoring in Biology A-level (they recieved an A*). I am a second year student at The University of Oxford, reading for an integrated masters in Biology. I recieved an A* in my OCR Biology A-level, A* in my Edexcel Mathematics A-level and an A in my AQA Geography A-level. 

I have had 5 years of experience working with children, at sports camps and activity centres and aim to take my PGCE after my degree to become a Biology teacher. I am incredibly passionate about the subject as well as teaching in a way that engages students. To help make even the most complex biological processes accessibly to any student, I like to use diagrams and other visual aids to accompany the content. 

If you have any questions please get in contact with me. 


I offer 'A' level Biology and GCSE Biology tutoring. I adapt my style to the requirments of the student. I can cover all aspects of the syllabus and  exam technique. I can also provide notes, practise questions and sample answers too.


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  • FarahParent

    May 2020
    Yasmin’s tutoring really helped me come a long way in Mathematics during my GCSEs. Before she started tutoring me I was consistently achieving well below my predicted grade, regardless of how or how long I revised for but with her help I was able to excel in Mathematics an ended up taking it for A-level. Yasmin made fantastic explanatory notes for me and prepared exam questions ahead of time. She explained the concepts very clearly and thoroughly - my least favourite topics became the ones I hoped to see on the exam paper! I would without a doubt recommend Yasmin’s services to anyone struggling or even anyone wanting to improve and achieve the very best grades.
  • MarjonParent

    Jul 2019
    Yasmin was a great tutor due to her wide knowledge of the subject making her able to explain all aspects of it in great detail. She could always explain content in a way that was understandable and if she saw I was struggling to grasp a concept, she would change the way she described it until it was made clear. My grades greatly improved after having Yasmin as a tutor as she not only explained the content well but also how to answer questions correctly in exams.
  • TillyParent

    Jul 2018
    Yasmin tutored me on the lead up to my GCSEs with all three of my sciences, helping me with revision techniques and simply teaching me everything I didn’t understand until I got it this resulted in great results of of 2 Bs in my double science which I believe I wouldn’t have achieved without her help!