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My name is Zainab, I am a BA English Literature and Classical Civilisation graduate and an MA Publishing graduate. I have been a tutor of English Literature and Language since 2013 and genuinely enjoy literary texts.

About Me

Hello All!
 I am an English Literature and Language teacher, particularly to Key stages 3 and 4. I have a degree in English Literature and Classical civilisation, and I myself received A grades in both subjects at GCSE and A-levels as well the other relevant humanities subjects, so I am well aware of the effort that needs to go into obtaining these grades.

But above all, I believe in learning, not just to pass exams but to give you a better understanding of the world and those in it, which is directly in line with the learning specifications for the major English Exam boards. I  also know that not everyone learns the same way. That's why I always tailor my lessons and my pace to the student, using visual and auditory aids and using relatable current media to help students understand lessons better and, ultimately enjoy learning. I usually start with a basic assessment paper to which level to the student is currently working at to get a sense for the type of activities they will need in lessons and a sense for the pace I need to start at. I plan each lesson in according to what needs to be covered in the curriculum and aim to cover all areas with at least a month and a half left at the end of the course for revision before the student sits the exam. But, naturally, should a student be struggling with one area of the course over the another than certain lessons and activities will be prolonged to ensure maximum comprehension. 

I have a good and up to date knowledge of the curriculum and I am particularly well acquainted with the AQA board, as I am currently teaching it to my GCSE students, and have been teaching the AQA English curriculum for the last five years.


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