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I have finished high school with an International Baccalaureate diploma of 40/45 (higher level: Biology, Chemistry, Modern Greek/ Standard level: Maths, English B, Psychology). I am on the 5th year of my MSc (Hons) Biology degree at the University of St Andrews. I really enjoy biology and especially Ecology and Conservation but I am comfortable with most areas due to the highly integrated nature of the subject. Apart from my studies, I enjoy dancing as I did Latin and Ballroom lessons for 9 years and I am a recently qualified Ocean diver.  I love working with younger people and aid them in the process of learning new things and make them enjoy a subject that I thoroughly love myself!

About Me

During my final year of university, I have been involved with the Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative (CTI) which consists of volunteering to tutor biology to students that cannot afford private tutoring but were affected by the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this position, I have taught students at A-level (both AQA and OCR boards) developing my tutoring experience and getting familiar with the specifications of different UK educational systems. Tutoring through CTI has taught me to be patient and considerate of children's circumstances and tailor my lessons according to each person's needs while keeping on top of the syllabus so that they can be prepared for their mocks and actual exams. Through CTI I have tutored for approximately 70 hours. I have also offered AQA, AS level tutoring independently and I have approx. 30 hours of teaching with that student. Overall I have taught approx. 110 hours.

In addition to that, my degree has a year placement requirement, which I completed in the USA at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. In addition to this, I have had two research assistantships at my university. Through talks and presentations at both formal and informal settings, I have learnt how to tailor my knowledge to the target audience depending on their experience on the subject and their background. I also wrote publishable and concise reports which helped me on focusing on the important details of subjects.

I also have experience with a range of software and technologies, which means I can approach a wide range of lessons for all ages, with the appropriate set of tools and I can tailor each one of them to the individual's needs effectively, and in an engaging way.


I can teach primary, secondary, GCSE, National 3-5, A-level, IB and Highers. 

I am trying to focus on the students' needs and what they don't understand or need help. The student and I will discuss the subjects of interest and I'll try to let them figure out the answers themselves rather than me giving them a ready answer. This way they will be ready to answer all types of questions rather than trying to memorise an answer and be flustered in an exam setting if something they haven't seen before comes up.

In order to achieve this, I usually prepare my lessons in advance. I give exercises to the students to complete before our sessions so we can discuss them and identify challenging topics. Once these topics have been identified, I try to explain them through audiovisual measures (diagrams and videos), as well as examples from personal experience, which places the theory in a real-life context which is more memorable. However, I understand that this method doesn't work for everyone and therefore I am willing to adapt my teaching style to the individual's needs.


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